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Friday, July 6, 2007

Day One - July 5, 2007

Today has been our travel day. Bree and I were warmly welcomed in Waco by the Camp Casey contingent, and Cindy met us with Jezebel the RV, her new traveling companion. She took us to Camp Casey first so that we could get a feel for it. There is some rain and flooding in Crawford, and as we drove down the road towards town, we could see trees by the side of the road standing knee-deep in water.

We drive onto the property - the first thing I see is the Camp Casey sign, then the photo of Casey on the left amid a burst of sunflowers. As the road curves right you see the rows upon rows of crosses remembering the fallen soldiers. Camp Casey is greener than I expected, although the flooding probably has a lot to do with it. Little flower gardens are scattered here and there. Further on is a group of small tents where people are camping out. A lot of people are here already, mostly Camp Casey and Crawford Peace House regulars who are getting re-acquainted and catching up with each other. There is a open-air kitchen tent, and a stage area.

Having never been here before or met any of these people in person, I'm trying to catch names and match them up with faces, but it's a challenge. So I take a lot of pictures and I expect that by the end of the weekend I'll know a lot more folks.

Later, we go on to the hotel to relax, socialize, cool off and get ready for whatever awaits us over the weekend.

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